Work Samples/Process – Amit Jain

My professional journey started in 2007, when I joined as a System Engineer in a Global Technology Consulting player, TCS. Couple years of developing ERP systems also gave me few opportunities to suggest and create better product designs. My very early foray into user experience and product design, basically stemming out of my own frustration of using very cumbersome and frustrating interfaces. Below are some elements and designs that I have created over time. Some other work samples particularly related to my work in the Advertising/Agency domain can be found here.

  1. Work done for a Wholesale Bridal Wear E-commerce Product –
    Impact Maps/User flows/Wireframes/User Interface Designs

    Impact Map
    User Flow
    Grovea color palette-01
    Style Guide
    Wireframes/UI Design

  2. Work done for a Crowdsourced Group Travel Product –
    Information Architecture/Service Blueprint/Wireframes/UI Design

    Information Architecture/Product Components
    Service Blueprint
    How It Works – For Product Header and Marketing Campaigns
    grallo homepage test
    UI Design

  3. Work done for a Physician Network Visualisation Product-
    Wireframes/UI Design

    Wiframes – Network Visualisation
    8 Screen_powerMap
    UI Design 01 – Network Visualisation
    4 Screen_powerMap
    UI Design 02 – Network Visualisation
    5 Screen_powerMap
    UI Design 03 – Network Visualisation

  4. Work done for a Novel Life Science Research Product-
    Wireframes/UI Design

    2_Dashboard_01 Copy
    Wireframe 01
    Wireframe 02
    7_Clinical Trials_01
    Wireframe 03
    UI Design

    Prototype/Motion Design/Data Visualization/Analytics